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LDSLenders.com is a network of nearly 200 mortgage lenders representing nearly every bank across the USA & Canada. Over the years, we’ve worked with LDS lenders who’ve proven they
can complete very competitive loans. Only the best are asked to participate in this network.

We know what banks need to get loans approved! While traditional banks often place clients in higher rate loans and decline 23% of applicants, LDSLenders get loans closed and represent YOU. Register Now! Buy with confidence. Get PRE-APPROVED FREE, before looking for a home.

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Get Pre-Approved

Pre-qualification is now required before realtors can show or submit offers to purchase homes. You also have a negotiation edge over other buyers if your financing is in place.

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Loan Programs

Many types of loans are available from which you can choose. Tell us your needs, and we'll find the right home loan for you.

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Trusted Professionals

Our network of LDSLenders have proven their performance over years. In most cases, we can get you Lower rates & Costs than if you go to a bank on your own. Work with us.


The participating lenders on this site are motivated to serve you well. Your feedback establishes their eligibility to participate on this site.