Why Pre-Approval?




 In today’s changing marketplace, most real estate agents want home buyers to be pre-qualified by a licensed lender before they go looking at homes.  When a realtor takes you into homes to consider for purchase, they are representing to the sellers that you have been pre-qualified to buy a home in that price range.

  The process is easy and takes only a few minutes.  When you speak with a lender they will ask you about your job, income, monthly payments, credit and money for a down payment.  From this they will determine with you what price range you can afford and are comfortable with.  Don’t be caught short of cash.  When you are pre-qualified, you will find out how much money will be needed for closing costs and down payment.  Your loan can then be tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. 

 If you find yourself in a competing offer situation, you will find that sellers are more likely to accept an offer from a pre-qualified buyer than someone they are unsure about.  You’ll find that a pre-approval letter will help you narrow your search for a home and strengthen your position in negotiating a purchase.

 If you are dreaming of a home of your own … but wondering if you’ll ever qualify for a loan,  stop dreaming and give us a call!  We are helping more people just like you buy homes of their own. 


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