Essential Documents


After you have closed on your home and you have received the keys, you will want to keep the following information in a safe place:


We recommend that you keep these essential documents with your income tax records.  Included should be:

  • Copy of the appraisal that was done on your home
  • Copy of the Escrow Closing Statement
  • Copy of the Promissory Note
  • Copy of the Trust Deed
  • The Lenders name and customer service phone or contact information:
    • Lenders Name:
    • Customer Service Phone #
  • Loan Information,
    • Loan #
    • Amount Borrowed $
    • Rate
    • Payment $
    • Loan terms
    • Recording date


If you are given one it also a good idea to keep and refer to an amortization schedule to track how much your loan is paying down as the years progress.  If you plan to make larger than required payments or “additional principal” payments you may want to request a new amortization schedule that include those payments.



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