Documentation Checklist


The following checklist identifies the documents we will need to close your loan quickly and efficiently.  Wherever applicable, please provide each and every document in its entirety to your lender.



Salaried Employee

  • Last 2 years W-2’s and Last 2 years complete tax returns.  Sign page 2 and date with current date.
  • One full months most recent pay stubs.

Self – Employed

  • Last 2 years Complete Federal tax returns.
  • Year-to-date profit and loss statement.
  • If Incorporated, include last 2 years 1120’s and corporate balance sheet.
  • If partnership, also include last 2 years 1065’s and Copies of all partnership K-1’s for last 2 years.

If you have other income from:


  • Copy of grant letter; last year W-2’s or 1099r’s; one months recent pay stubs or direct deposit verification.

Social Security

  • Copy of award letter; last 2 years W-2’s or 1099r’s; one months recent pay stubs or direct deposit verification.

Note Income

  • Copy of Promissory note; 12 months cancelled checks (copied front and back) or 12 months bank statements showing deposit of income (if not shown as taxable income on returns).

Trust Income

  • Copy of Trust Agreement.




  • Copy of Complete final Divorce Decree.


  • Copy of Complete separation agreement (include Bifurcation Agreement if applicable).

Past Credit Problems

  • Detailed letter of explanation and all backup documentation.


  • Detailed letter of explanation; Complete copy of  bankruptcy filing and discharge papers.



Pending Sale

  • Copy of listing agreement and when sold, a copy of sales escrow instructions.


  • Copy of Final Settlement Statement (HUD -1) and bank statement showing where these funds were deposited.

Rental Property

  • Copy of Rental Agreements.


  • Name, Address and Phone number of Landlord.

Planned Communities & Condominiums

  • Name and Phone Number of H.O.A. and Management Co.




  • Copies of last 2 months bank statements (all pages) for all accounts.


  • Executed Gift Letter, copy of donor’s bank statement, copy of check, and proof of deposit into your account.


  • Copies of last 2 months stock statements.

Retirement Account 

  • Copy of last retirement statement showing funds in this account.


  • Late model cars owned free and clear, please send copy of pink slip.



Paper Trail Prior to Close

  • Copy of the check showing that the Investment or gift was deposited into your personal account and a copy of the Cashiers Check (purchased from your personal account - where the funds were deposited) payable to the escrow company for the total amount of your closing costs.



Please sign all disclosures and forms that you return.  Your interest rate will not be locked until we receive your complete application and determine the lock in date.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.


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